Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Role Playing

Finally, we are organized enough to get out of the house!  Diaper bag packed with tantrum controlling snacks. Boys dressed in stain free clothes. I don't smell. Eric looks relaxed.  We are off to have an adventure, which will defiantly include a really good cup of coffee.  But on my way out the door, I am stopped, literally, by my three year old son.  

Mid stroll, looking over his shoulder....
"Okay Momma, see you later!"

"What? I am coming with you!"

"Nope.  You stay here. Do the dishes and clean the house. The boys go bye-bye and have fun."


"How old are you?"

"Silly Momma. Me three."

"Where is this coming from? You want me to stay here and clean while you go play with "the boys"?"


"And what do I get for doing all this cleaning?"

"Umm. Me give you money."

"Really, you'll pay me money? How much?"

"Umm. Two Dollars!"

We usually refer to money in quarters. So dollars, not to mention two of them is big time!

"You are gonna pay me two dollars to stay here and clean while you go out and play?"

"Yup. A Deal?"

"Umm. Nope!"

That was the first time! Since this CRAZY interaction, that makes the feminist in me want to throw a punch, Jake has brought up this same conversation three times.  I don't know where, how, or why he is processing this distinct "Role" allocation.  I am totally thrown aback by it!! Eric and I play fairly tradition roles in our marriage RIGHT NOW, but I take pride in knowing that I am valued as an equal in our relationship and am by no means a slave to the methods of the old world!  I am a self directed, free choosing, "traditional feminist", okay with cutting wood to make my own fire  and enjoy wearing heels to regain my inherent feminine power. I don't push gender roles on my kids nor do Eric and I ever discuss these roles in front of  our kids.  This is something my son has concluded all on his own in his extremely intuitive being.  I am amused and awestruck.  This kid is something else! To boot, lately he has been picking every flower, and I mean every teeny flower, he finds and gives it to me because Momma's like flowers! For the first time since becoming a parent I really have no clue what to do with this one! Until I figure it out, I guess I will enjoy the flowers and my new allowance for services rendered! 


  1. This post just made my day! Too funny! Boys will be boys - right?!
    love it!


  2. So glad it made you laugh! Mission accomplished!