Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Woes of Rhumatoid Arthritis

It's that time of the year again when the warm sunshine of summer simmers into a cool, damp fall.  This time of transition signals lots of new beginnings some comforting like warm soup and some frustrating like sore, creaky joints!  This year has been a bad year for my psoriasis and arthritis. But it's allowed me to get to know my body a little better.  I am constantly trying to find out what works and what doesn't.  As I wake up this morning with a super sore, swollen  ankle I want to kick myself for eating what I did yesterday. My fault again!

I have however found a few things that seem to consistently really help! Like a weird little miracle I started drinking hot water with fresh squeezed lemon every morning and it seems to make a difference in the level of discomfort in my swollen joints and seems to help keep the swelling at a minimum. YEAH!!! Plus, it helps my energy level dramatically! I would suggest this for any person! It's a nice soothing way to start your day!

I have been monitoring all sorts of foods I eat to see what the effects are on my arthritis.  I have found that black, good quality coffee seems to help my arthritis.  I am not sure if the extra energy just gets me moving more which in turn helps or if the coffee's natural antioxidants help. But in the mornings when I start with a nice cup of lemon water and follow with a rich cup of fresh brewed coffee, I feel like a champ.

I have also been drinking more milk.  Psoriasis is linked to a vitamin D deficiencies and I used to take vitamin d drops which helped a lot. Of course, I am out. So, I have been trying to drink a glass of milk everyday and it has kinda helped.  The yummy cookies that go with it make an impact too!!! This goes hand in hand with calcium deficiencies because woman start processing it less effectively as they get older, which is the big deal about osteoporosis in women. So my next test will be a combo of vitamin d drops and calcium supplements. I will keep you updated on how that helps my arthritis.

Lastly, I found that beef, pork, lamb, and some chicken completely lead to irritated joints. After any dinner with red meat I get swollen ankles, toes, and fingers for two to three days.  It's brutal the morning after! I know! I am sad too!  I am not going to stop eating meat. I just might have to really balance out my meat intake during the week and save it for special occasions, like In-n-Out Burger in San Fran or Lamb chops at Vios in Seattle.  I have been trying to eat more fresh fish, pastas, rice dishes, and salads. 

With all that said, I am only beginning to understand my body's needs regarding my arthritis. If you have any tips I'd gladly accept them. My goal is to not get back onto crazy medications so any natural methods are my first choice. We will see what happens.  Until then, I am going to keep drinking my lemon water, yummy coffee, milk AND cookies, and eating my veggies and fish.  Hip, Hip, HURRAY!!!

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