Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am pretty sure I am behind on this monkey chain but, I guess better late than never and thought I would spread the word just in case you are super out of the loop as well.  Needless to say with all the concerns about BPA, and they are worth being concerned about, a mini plastic phobia has spread through our house.  I even get freaked out about yogurt cups and plastic bags now! I thought I was proactive, responsible, and supermom worthy when I recycled all of our plastic ware and purchased Sigg bottles and porcelain dishes to replace them.  I found a great site that had all models of Sigg bottles even the older designs and purchased a few; specifically the dog one we lost to whale watching! Feeling like I had one less thing to worry about, I moved on and of course ran smack into this recall. You really can never win!! I checked our Siggs' immediately and of course three of our new ones (which I guess were actually older ones) have the copper liner with BPA in it. So I am glad I ran into this and am glad I can send it back for new ones at just the cost of shipping! So check your Sigg bottles today and make sure you have light yellow BPA free lined bottles!!! Here's how to get your new Sigg bottles:

Exchange Program

August 2009
UNITED STATES [for CANADA, please see below.]

(USA) – If you are concerned about your bottles with our former liner, SIGG is happy to offer a voluntary exchange program.

Bottles containing our former liner can be exchanged for SIGG bottles utilizing the BPA-free EcoCare liner.

First, determine which liner you have. You can see pictures here -

Download the following shipping documents and box up your bottles with the former liner.

1) USA Shipping Label - please place this on the outside of the box:

Download the USA Shipping Label Here.

2) USA Return Form - please fill this out completely and place it inside the box.

Download the Return Form.

Please note that you will need to pay to ship your bottles inbound to SIGG for replacement as this is a voluntary program - not a recall. 

You may keep the tops/caps of your current bottles as they will serve as handy extras when you choose your replacement bottles.

SIGG is not offering refunds. This exchange offer is available through October 31, 2009.

After your bottles are received at our warehouse, you will be contacted directly with regard to your replacements. SIGG changes its bottle designs every year, so exact replacements are not always possible.

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