Friday, February 6, 2009

Beauty Buzz: Best Hair Products

Inspired by new haircut, I have decided to dust off my shelf stacked full of hair products. I am a sucker for trying anything. Even though I have a hair product for everyday of the year, only a few get used regularly. These products get full credit for bringing bounce, shine, texture, and curl to my complimented hair. Truley though, thanks to my beautiful mother, genetics has blessed me with hold any style, thick, wavy locks. With that said,even I still wake up with unruly, frizzy, mophead most days. So these all stars help revive me from frump to diva. This one's for you Mom!

Best Leave-In Conditioner:
This has been my staple longer than any other product in the bunch. It's my hair's blankie!! It is really light so it doesn't weigh down my hair but it gives a decent amount of control. Plus, it has micro light reflectors so it's adds great shine. This is the product that travels with me where ever I go! If I don't have time for a blowdry, I put this on and it helps keep my hair smooth and frizz free. It is a great base for cocktailing other products as well. This wins the oldy-but-goody award!

Like I said earlier, I have super dry which au naturale means dull hair! I often have to cocktail products to get the results I am looking for. Regardless, of my look, I am always in need of a little shine. I have tried a few serums in my day. Most of them are too oily, slippery, or heavy on my hair. I need something I can apply daily without all the drama. I think this product does a good job at sealing in shine without overdoing it. However, I must say I almost always use this gloss on my hair when it's wet. I think the moisture helps disperse the product a little more evening than when I apply it to my dry hair. I also love this product mixed with the GW Leave in Conditioner. These two products are my must have foundation for a good blowout. Plus, like most Aveda products, the Brilliant line has an amazing aroma! (Don't confuse this with the Spray-On Shine! Totally Different)

I have tried a ton of pomade style products. I must be deficient of some skill with these stylers. I always end up with clumps, sticky pieces, and often times hair looking like the scence from Something about Mary! I had given up completely on these until my hairdresser forced this one on me! It was instant love! This product is amazing! It isn't sticky or tacky at all. It starts off creamy and seems to go on dry(or at least dryer than most). I just warm a little in my hand and smooth it on my ends or little face curls. Instantly I have shine, control, and touchable perfection! I have given this product as gifts to many a girl friend! This is a great hair styling staple.

Best Everyday Hairspray: Aveda Air Control
Maybe it's because I grew up using Aqua Net but I love aerosol hairsprays! I find the other alternative is usually sticky, too firm, has a smaller spray radius, and the nozzle always get plugged up. I need daily control without the stiff side effect of a strong product. I truley fell in love when Aveda created this hairspray! In fact I use it so much people often think it's aroma is my perfume! It does smell great! But, besides that it gives amazing touchable hold that is perfect for my mommy agenda. It comes out dry so it NEVER gets sticky. It sets a style but allows movement to control the look. It even seems to build up hold with more application. This isn't a setting hairspray. If you need mega hold this probably isn't your best bet. But the greatest aspect of this product is that it has "NET-ZERO effects on the earth's climate". So no guilty conscience with using an aerosol and junkies like me can go nuts!

Best Scalp Soother: Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion
Dry hair = dry scalp. I usually give myself a peanut oil treatment every other week, but that leaves my hair pretty oily for a couple days. This product is great for in between treatments. It helps sooth any tightness I get on uber dry days! It has tea tree oil in it so it helps keep my scalp healthy, hydrated and flake free; which really is the foundation for good hair! It is also super light so I can use it before a blowdry or even with dry hair without weighing it down. It's a great alternative to some of the more intense scalp treatments out there. Plus, this is a great refresher for those shampoo skipping days! It helps to revive your hair and the products already on your hair. If desired and applied a little heavy this gives you a nice natural "Kate" wave. This is a great versatile product.

Best Overall Mommy Hair Product:
Finally, a product you don't have to think about! This guy does the thinking for you! Unlike the Be Curly Curl Enhancer, this is a finishing product meant to be applied to hair when dry. It's given job is to help reduce frizz and revive curls. It definatly revives! It's my hair's first cup of coffee after a long night with the kids! This cream helps me look polished on those mornings when getting ready isn't really an option. A little goes a long way! It smooths my flyaways and gives bounce and slight wave to my ends. It lets me pretend that I did just blowout my hair when in reality I just changed a few diapers! When I diffuse my hair this is a great product to give that final defination to my curls. It's light, easy to work with, smells yummy, and carrys well in my bag. I love this product! It helps me keep my self-confidence, time, and ability to multi-task in check! I know you will love this too!

These are my most loyal everyday stylers! I know there is a whole big world of new and improved products waiting to date me. I am currently testing a few mouses and gels for those curly hair days. I will keep you posted on any upcoming hair product romances! Until then, I hope you and your hair enjoy these stand out stylers!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Haircut Metamorphasis

For months now I have been stewing over a change. You know that achy feeling you get down in your bones when you are ready for some sort of metamorphosis to occur? I was there and even though I knew this life shift required much more than a pair of sheers, a drastic haircut seemed a good place to start.

Now let's see... Should I go with the Kate Moss full bang? Maybe the Gwyneth Paltrow one length bob? Oooh. How about something sleek like Demi Moore? I couldn't decide. Lack of sleep was fueling my indecision and stalling my big change. That's it! I booked an appointment with my hairdresser. He'll know what to do.

Like we all know the universe works in mysterious ways! Ironically, just before my appointment, I was shopping and ran into a gorgeous older woman with effortlessly perfect hair! I couldn't stop staring at her! Really. She was that woman we all would love to be. She seemed so calm, happy, balanced, beautiful. It was driving me crazy! I went from staring, to scrutinizing, to assessing. Her outfit: of course perfect. Her persona: oozed confidence, power, and sex appeal. Her life: must be lovely. I was pretty sure she was starting to sense my obsession with her so I had to say something.

"Excuse me. I have to tell you. You have GREAT hair!". There. That should ease the growing stalker tension between us.
"Oh My Gosh! I have had my hair cut in almost every country around the world and still my hairdresser in Seattle is the best! I wouldn't go to any other person. You have to go see him! Here is my card with his name! Go! You will love him!"

Stunned by how crazy nice this woman was on top of all her other perfect attributes AND that she had traveled the world- which verified my whole model guesstimate AND that she had willingly and kindly given up her secret weapon to me, I was speechless. I graciously thanked her and walked off to the shoe department. Blank.

Wow! What just happened? Was that the universe agreeing with me that my hair needed a change? That a metamorphosis was building up steam and a good cut would propel this transition? Either way, I went home and called to see if he was even taking new clients and how soon I could get in. Go figure! Crazy! He had an opening the same day as my other appointment! I am never one to turn my head on obvious coincidences. So I threw my hesitations in the wind and booked it!

I am not sure WHY but going to the salon is like getting ready for a first date. Dust off those heels, bring out the jewelry, if your boobs are lucky a push-up bra, maybe even pre-wash your hair, as if that's necessary. It's a phenomena I can't help but succumb to myself as I suit up in my trendiest, prettiest non-mommy gear. I even heard my fleece whimper from separation anxiety as I threw it on the floor. As I began this distant yet vaguely familiar process of becoming a woman, I feel a small shift down in my bones. Final lipstick application, even lip gloss and I am ready. Huh. I clean up pretty well. Maybe I should TRY more often. With that thought, my husband walks in, checks me out (you know like they used to), compliments me, and tries to get frisky. Good. That means I am ready.

I get to the salon and it's as comfortable, beautiful, and effortless as the woman who recommended it! I meet this new magician in front of me and I know this is going to be a great hair date! He asks me to turn my head from side to side and tells me what he'd like to do. Short, sexy, movement, easy. It's as if he's describing a new version of me! Any other person chopping off seven inches probably would be nervous but in his hands I feel calmer, lighter, and taller. People are stopping to watch which makes me even more excited. I am ready for this cut. I am ready for this change! Le Fin. I look at myself and it's as if someone had teleported me into a more modern, beautiful, powerful version of myself. I tear up! Baby barf, fleece, and ponytails have been covering up this! I had forgotten. Here in this man's hands, I am reminded that I am more than a mother and wife. I am woman! I am a woman! She gets pushed aside so easily! Yet, it was her that caught my husband's eye and brought children to my life! She holds my power. She holds my potential! I really need to start treating her better!

As I get up from this geniuses' chair, I hear it. It starts slow and builds up volume and speed with each step. Bummm. Bumchicka. Bummchickabummmbummmmm. Holy Cow! It's my very own Ally McBeal theme music! Man do I feel good. Why the hell did I wait this long? I wish everyone could feel this way.

I open the salon door and walk onto 6th Ave. The wind blows my hair and all of a sudden I am the star of a Panteen commercial. Theme song playing, head turning, hair whipping, construction workers stop and take off their hard hats, birds are flapping around me, hot delivery guys on bikes run into cars, and every young girl stops and stares in envy. I am in hair heaven! I peruse some stores and every sales clerk was attentive, kind. Not the usual ignore I get when I walk in with ponytail and fleece. How can I hold onto this feeling?

I stop and stare at the reflection of this new me. I can see this metamorphosis beginning. I can feel myself trying to become it's best version. Better yet, I can feel myself allowing it to happen. I know this cut won't change the sleepless nights, the in-home dates, or the warranted hesitation to wear silk around my kids, but maybe just maybe it will give me the confidence to become the whole woman I yearn to be and reclaim the power I gave up when I covered her in fleece. As I head home excited to share this upgraded version of myself to my family, I think, huh, maybe there was some magic in those scissors after all!