Friday, June 26, 2009

Beauty Buzz: Oil

Being a walking desert has lead me on a super quest for the Holy Grail of all skin quenching beauty products.  This desire to moisturize, lube, slather, dip, soak, and heal my skin from it's alligator scale-like, psoriasis flaking, dehydrated and dry skin has taken me on quite the beauty and health product adventure.  I have gone through a mini-oil addiction and can't seem to get enough of it in or on me.  I have started drinking fish oil, incorporating more healthy oils into my diet, switching to oil based skin products, and occasionally dream of daily oil baths like Cleopatra's infamous milk baths.  

The Oil Myth: Oil will make me break out!
Many people are afraid of putting oil on their skin. There is a general thinking that by adding more oil to already oily skin will clog pores to an extreme case of high school acne.  In fact many people mis-diagnose their own skin as oily and create a viscous cycle of over drying their skin with products that are "oil-free", "foaming", "purifying", "exfoliating", or "radiating". 

Some of these products might be right for you but for a lot of individuals these products can be too much, too irritating, too stripping, and overall desensitizing to the surface of the skin, thus completely confusing it into a cycle of skin chaos. If you think you are one of those individuals I suggest going to a reputable esthetician at a local spa to have them check out your skin for you. Otherwise consider switching to some soothing, calming, basic products for a month or so and see what happens. My basic favs: Cetaphil Bar soap, Aveda Sensitive line, and Ren Sensitive line.  

The Oily Truth:  
Natural oils can be soothing, healing, and actually help balance out the oil production of your skin. Our skin does make oil of it's own and combined with some water/sweat it creates a very nice barrier for our skin, keeping impurities, free radicals that can break down the skin cells, and bacteria out of our pores.  This barrier when left alone with usually keeps our skin looking healthy and fresh.  But, add tons of makeup, pollution, debris from our hands, cell phones, etc... it's no wonder we feel the need to strip our skin squeaky clean.  A nice gentle, consistent regiment is the best defense to the daily grime! If oil scares you start with an application in the evening after washing your face.  This way you don't feel like your walking around with oils all day. Although, I bet before long you will love the light feel and overall glow these oils can add to your skin!  Plus, oils, once a luxury to woman world wide, is making it's way back to the main stream with high end and more affordable options.  There is an oil for you! One that will make your skin softer, happier, more youthful!  

Oily Products for Us All:

Great for skin, joints, brain/memory, vision, mood, appetite suppressant, and so much more! 

2. Udo's 3-6-9 Oil: Another great oil with a blend of omega 3 fatty acids from the man who brought flax seed oil to our attention.  

If you can afford this oil, BUY IT!!!  You won't be sorry! This is the ultimate skin care product!

Fantastic after a day in the sun, a hot shower, or season change.

These are great for adjusting your daily regimen to suit your skin needs. Add a drop or two to your moisturizer and feel the difference! There are many similar lines of products so find a line that you enjoy the feel and aroma of and add to your collection. 

These are so yummy and decadent! There are a few different aromas so find one you enjoy. Regardless,  you feel like you left a high end Asian spa after using this oil!

A friend introduced me to this and uses it all the time on her kids! It's a really nice option for bruises and bites.

Oily Foods:
Fish: Salmon, Halibut, Tuna
Nuts: Flax seeds, Walnuts, Almonds, sunflower seeds
Beans: Navy, Soy, Kidney
Veggies: Winter squash, avocado, pumpkin
Oils: Olive, coconut

Seek out cookbooks for Mediterranean and Asian Diets! 
There is a reason these people look amazing!

Great articles about fats/oils to check out:

Your environment, nutrition, stress, personal hygiene, genetics, and beauty product choices all make up your skin profile.  Any or all of these areas should be considered when looking at your skin health. But if you need a boost and don't know where to start, check out an oil. It might be just what your skin needs.