Monday, September 7, 2009

Beauty Buzz: Bottom of the Bottle Breakout!

Every year or so, the planets align in the right way and all of my beauty products seem to go empty around the same time.  This phenomena I call the "Bottom of the Bottle Breakout" which to me means all that extra oxygen mixing with the 1/2 inch of makeup, cleansers, or lotions starts to turn the product a little funky and full of potential free-radicals, bacteria, or just plain old inert stuff working against, instead of with my skin.  This BOTBB always starts me on a quest to seek out something better or more advanced on the market. Inevitably, I start over exfoliating my skin, using too many strong ingredients, causing a complete barrier chaos of teenage acne prone skin!!! It's not pretty! Then, of course I start decreasing all my new finds and heading back to basic, basic stuff to bring my skin back into balance! Nod your head if this ever happens to you so I don't feel so alone!!! Thanks! 

So, with this year's solar eclipse, I have found one product that has really helped me get through the chaos.  It has been on my shelves for years and has found it's way back into my life with open arms; that is Aveda Acne Balancing Infusion in the little teeny brown glass jar.  Whenever I break out I usually use Retin-a Micro which I got from my dermo. It usually helps in a pinch and when applied lightly can do the trick without too much over drying.  Unfortunately, with the BOTBB causing so many blemishes this stuff turned my skin into a red, flaky, irritated mess.  Again, not pretty; especially for someone in their thirties!!! SO, I used basic cleanser, toner, lotion, and spot treated with this balancing infusion at night. This instantly took away the sore, tight feeling in my breakout, helped decrease redness, kept any neighbors from popping up, and helped heal the blemishes from the inside out so there were no super gross exploding white head days I always dread with any bump on my face!!! The healing process took a little longer but with such less damage-no post acne hyper-pigmentation, scarring, flaking, or expanded pores! Plus, as an extra bonus, the aromas especially the lavender in this product, be it strong, helped soothe me into a deeper, relaxed sleep.  Aveda Balancing Infusion you have made it to the front of my medicine cabinet! Congratulations and Thank you!

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