Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From the Bottom Up!

The other day I was out shopping with a girlfriend searching out decors for her new guest room. We were doing just great with candles, vases, throws when we were side tracked by the ever illusive lingerie department. It's now that section of the store that is only reserved for specific events or outings and rarely gets much day to day attention. Especially, after baby. Spend $95 on a bra not to mention matching panties and thong OR diapers and formula. It seems the first thing to take a seat on the hiatus bus. Throwing those practical whims to the wayside, we decided to venture in and check out the latest lacy duds. Lacking the proper time for bras and panties we took to perusing the other side of the section reserved for super soft and sexy night ware. We landed on some very feminine grown up nightgowns from Vera Wang and Donna Karen.

"These are so gorgeous! I can't wait till I can wear something like this to bed."
"Tell me about it! I wonder when I am going to grow up and become the woman who does wear pretty night things instead of flannel and t-shirts."
"I can never seem to justify buying them. There are so many other items on my list I need to get. But, I know my husband wouldn't mind!"

So with that, we picked out our frocks. She went for something long and sophisticated with a nice deep neckline and I opted for something short, frilly and cute. Funny how it took another woman to inspire me to invest in myself!

Later that night, I decided to try out my mini experiment. Nothing special, just put on my nightgown instead of my usual flannel Old Navy "holiday" pants. No costumes or mood setting, just a nightgown. I really didn't even think he'd notice. Honestly, we are so exhausted most nights after chasing two demanding boys around all day that sleep seems sexier than sex itself. I slipped into bed, turned on Anthony Bourdain and got comfy.

Not even 15 minutes later, I sensed my husband snuggling closer as he started to caress my newly shaven legs. Which normally, he wouldn't be able to get to under think fleece and long leg hair!! Before I knew it, he was checking out and asking about my new nightgown. It seemed he did notice after all because soon we were at it like highschoolers after a Friday night football game! Not only was I already feeling more inclined wearing something feminine but my husband took as a big green light to go for it!! Nice!! And afterward, we both slept like teenagers too!!!

Since this little experiment, I have tried to upgrade my night wardrobe to more alluring pieces and believe it or not it has made a BIG difference in our intimacy. I am not talking corsets and teddies, just prettier, softer, more feminine still comfortable night ware. Let's face it, I still have to get up for midnight bottle feedings and nightmares. It has to be somewhat practical. But, I have found there are a lot of options out there and I am newly committed to becoming that "grown up" woman in this aspect of my life as well! With this new energy towards focusing on my feelings and what he's feeling when we enter our bed, I have given us more options! Now, we just seem to be more in sync with each others inclinations! After being banged up, barfed on, and colored on all day, some deliberate gentle touching can go a long way!!!

Funny that it took another woman to motivate me to become a woman. So now I inspire you. Trade in your ugliest, oldest, most frayed pair of pajamas and upgrade to something more feminine and see how you feel and see what your partner thinks. It might just make your day and your night!