Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beauty Buzz: Budget Battle #1

In the middle of The Great Recession, what's a lady to do when she needs to buy a face lotion? Not just any lotion, but a magic in a bottle, change my life, skin enhancing potion that costs more than your newborn child or at least the stroller baby will ride in.  I love-Love-Love La Mer face creme. Especially, this time of year! It's decadent, it really does affect the skin, and even though I know there are healthier products on the market, it has that revolutionary, burn healing, yummy "Miracle Broth" that makes my skin glow like a teenager! Plus, my husband noticed a difference in my skin after just one day of using this delicious creme! Isn't that enough? Shouldn't that be enough?

Well, it's not.  Priorities. Priorities. And unfortunately uber expensive beauty products aren't on the top of that list.  So, instead of sulking at the beauty counters hoping someone will throw a sample at me, I have decided to seek out cost effective equals or at least runner ups!  These beauty on a budget buys have been tested, compared, and reviewed with surprising results! So wipe those budget blues away and step up to my No Need to Sell Your Baby Beauty Bar!!!


While visiting Denver Diva, I was in the process of healing myself from the Bottom of the Bottle Breakout so lotion was of topic.  Luckily, I was reintroduced to Origins via the beautiful new global store and Pekoe Sip House.  I had used Origins years and years ago and it was fun to partake in a full circle beauty product journey!  I was instantly reminded of all that I loved of Origins: "natural and certified organic ingredients, 100% natural essential oils, free of: parabens, phtalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, Paraffin, DEA, animal ingredients, and animal testing", and to boot products that work!!!  I was overjoyed by the reminder of this company's commitment to health, beauty, and our environment!  So, of course, I went home with a product or two, including the Make A Difference Ultra-Rich Rejuvenating Cream.  

All I can say is: WOW!!! This new Ultra-Rich version of Make a Difference is amazing!!!  Instantly, it's incredibly soothing, hydrating, healing and yet, so luscious, and light!! A lot of super emollient creams are heavy and after a few hours can start to "melt" off your face.  This cream feels like a night cream designed for the daytime!  It seems to really be healing my skin as much as it's hydrating it!  Plus, at this price I feel like I can apply a nice coat without feeling anxious!  Though you don't really need it!

This product, is completely able to hold it's own against the Creme de La Mer! It seems lighter, spreads with ease: so a little goes a long way, has an equally pleasant aroma, has no nasty preservatives, and has a MUCH better price point. It makes my skin feel and appear smoother, plumper, dare I say younger, and overall healthier.  With this cream my skin feels protected against the elements and even more so layered on top of Origins: A Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian.  Even though I will always accept gifts of La Mer, Origins Make a Difference Ultra-Rich Rejuvenating Cream will from here on out be my day cream of choice!!! 

With all that said, I can gladly announce the Budget Battle #1 Winner is Origins Make A Difference Ultra-Rich Rejuvenating Cream!!! Yeah for beauty on a budget! Who says you can't have it all?

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