Monday, November 9, 2009


Groggy. Exhausted. Bummed, it's that time again.  
What time is it anyways?  6:38am! Are you kidding me!?!  UGH.

As the duo of baby monitors hum their peaceful melodies, I try to remember those lovely Saturday mornings when life would gently wake me sometime before noon and slap a big, fat, greasy, two hour brunch in my lap to get me going. Just for a moment, I can smell the coffee dancing in perfect harmony with bacon and hear the symphony of spatulas flipping eggs and hash browns.  Please, Calgon take me away!!  Desperately trying to hold onto this opera like memory, I am shot in the gut with reality as I hear my babes wake from their slumber.  One at a time, one after the next, like some kind of weird and cruel competition.   

Are you up? 
Yeah, I am up! 
It's your turn.
Seriously! I got up last Saturday.
Come on. I am SO tired!
Join the club!

And as we embarked on our weekly who should get up at the butt crack of dawn dialogue, we heard our three year old happily skip over to our 1 year old's room, who was still deciding if sleep or food was more important.  Panic sunk in! NO, don't do it! Don't even think about it!  Please Lord, let him come into our room instead! Like a slow motion movie, I raised my hand in horror and yelped a grumpy, old man sounding "Noooooo!".  But it was too late. At that exact moment, the door knob turned and creaked loud enough to wake up the slumbering baby. Mission accomplished!  Older brother had joined forces with little brother. Instantly, baby shrieked "Hiiiii" and all of our hopes for twenty more minutes of fake sleep evaporated into thin air. 

Do this together?

But something happened we hadn't expected.  As we laid there like one of us had just been shot, our boys decided to partake in a self motivation seminar.  After a few minutes of jumping, playing with toys, getting more hyper by the minute, our baby decided to throw a leg over the side of his crib.  Totally impressed by this move, older brother started cheering him on with our latest family slogan: You CAN do it!  So all of a sudden through our creaky baby monitor we heard: 

You can do it!  You can do it Kai!  You CAN do it!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!  You DID it!!!  YEAH!!!  High Five!!! Knuckles!

Did that really happen? Did we just hear our 19 month old crawl out of his crib for the first time through a baby monitor?  Did our baby just fold under an extreme case of big brother peer pressure or was this just the right time and place? Wait a second, does this mean we have to move him to a big boy bed and start that whole bag of tricks?  All these questions, startled me to third cup of coffee awake as our two happy, cheerful, proud, energetic boys ran into our room and tackled us in our bed.  

Guess what Momma? Kai crawled out of his crib all by himself!!! 
I heard!
Rise and shine Momma!  
I'm up!  I'm up!  
I know, I CAN do it!!!


  1. That is too funny Maria! That's some strong encouragement on Jake's part...Good parenting on yours...knew you could do it ;)

  2. That is too funny Maria!! That's some good encouraging on Jake's part...good parenting on yours....knew you could do it ;)