Thursday, January 15, 2009

Karma Bucks

I know we have all read those heartwarming but ridiculous articles calculating the dollar amount a full time and working mother would make if she were to receive a salary for her work at home. I know these lists are truly irrelevant to my life and still I bring them up jokingly in round circle discussions with other moms. Ha! If only! Ha! So Silly!

The worth of our roles is a continuous battlefield in our home. I can only assume it's a common ground for bickering in most families. Does it sound a little like this?

"I bring home the bacon so you can stay home."
"I stay home because my salary wouldn't pay for a full time nanny, house cleaner, personal chef, house manager, and mistress!"
"I help out on the weekends. Don't act like you are the only one who does anything around here!"
"Wow! Really? This is so ridiculous!"

Well....I could keep going. But, we all know how it ends. So cliche! Why we even allow ourselves to enter into these redundant discussions is beyond me!

And for the love of goats, here I am again. This time it's so stupid. Whose turn is it to change the uber stinky poopy diaper? Between two boys in diapers, I have really already changed about 8 diapers thus far today. Really this is a question? But lately Kai has entered into the "Greased PIG" phase of this game. He is way too strong, quick, agile, and determined than I could ever be to win easily. It is a well matched battle! I am boggled by why he hates being on his back so much. I would kill to have someone throw me down on the ground and take my pants off!

Thankfully, Eric gracefully decides to take this one and starts the process. The bell didn't even sound before Kai shot out of the gate with full speed. Squirming and squealing like we were branding the poor bastard. And just as quickly I am summoned to help out. Even with two people this is no easy task! Yes! We did it! No poop anywhere it shouldn't be! And as we both walk away exhausted like we just ran a marathon, Eric turns to me and says...

.."That's why you make the big bucks babe!"
I must have made a bewildered look, "Karma Bucks!" he shoots back.

And it dawned on me. Finally, a realistic take on the payment method for my chosen career. One that makes sense, feels right, and doesn't' make me roll my eyes at the comparison. Since this thought has entered my head, I feel a little bit lighter. Less weighed down by obligation. That's right damnit! Karma! Globs and globs of you-better-be-worth-it Karma! Eat your heart out Earl!

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  1. So funny, so true!
    Now, if only everyone could appreciate the true worth of karma bucks! :)