Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Conception 1.13.09

Welcome to the beginning of something I hope will be just awesome!

A place where moms stuck in a rut can come to refresh and refocus. A place where conquering the one dimensional life you created seems possible! A place where you learn, grow, laugh, cry, and relate to the ever evolving, always rewarding, deeply exhausting role that connects us all as mothers!

As a former school teacher turned esthetician, I feel obligated to teach, relay, and find any information to help you fulfill your ultimate potential and balance! This is my purpose. This is my therapy. Hey, I get it! I have two under two! Hopefully, together we can get a little closer to our ideals of perfection because dark chocolate can only do so much!

Please. Please. Bring me your opinions, stories, and comments!
Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Maria, I loved reading this blog so far and just want to tell you how impressed I am with you for creating a place to write and think and communicate about the so-often-isolated experience of being a mom! And you're funny, which makes it a great read. :) I'm so proud of you (I don't mean that in a condescending way, I just mean I'm proud to know you!) for making time to express yourself & create a forum for other moms to do the same. I think this is going to be great & I look forward to reading! Emily