Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Gear: Potty Training

With the addition of our new pet Lionel the Goldfish, I found myself floundering with the overnight commencement of potty training! What did I need? How would I motivate my son? What would I use to clean the poop stains off the floor that wasn't so toxic my 10 month would suffer? All of these questions would have been no big deal with my usual over planning, group research, and detailed preparation that I usually go through with big events like this. Luckily that tedious task was rendered inert with my mother's idea to bring home a goldfish to spur this phase along! Here are some items I found in my mad hunt for potty success.

Home Cleaning Products:
1. Shaklee: Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate and Nature Bright Stain Remover Both of these products are amazing! The Basic H2 concentrate is perfect for cleaning up messes on hardwood/tile floors and so much more. This non-toxic formula is powerful, streak-free, aroma-free (really!), and has won awards for excellence. Get the spray bottles they work well! Plus, this concentration lasts forever! So I can use it everywhere! The Nature Bright Stain Remover and Laundry Booster is another must have in your cleaning closet. It is also a concentrate so you can determine the strength and use, which I love as a multitasking mom! I have already used it on carpets and couches and it really does work at getting out stains! Plus, it is again non-toxic for our whole family including our infant! It's a great chlorine free alternative for tough "poop" stains in the wash too even though I use it more around the house.

2. Biokleen: Bac-Out Stain and Odor Remover I haven't used this product but I have heard great things about it! It is another non-toxic nature based product that destroys odors and stains for good. Plus, it says it's preferred by commercial carpet cleaners. Definitely worth a try! I am all for natural alternatives that are safe for our family and of course that work!

Training Pants, Underpants, and Overnights:

Traditional training pants were not as easy to find in your everyday stores as I had hoped and thought. I went to Target, Sears, JcPenny's, Macy's. They all had fashionable underpants but no extra thick training pants that absorb moisture for that beginning phase. So we ended up with some Sears TKS brand briefs (100%cotton) even though thy really only kept my sons' bum warm until he had to go. So after some mad research and visits to local specialty stores, I have finally found some products that will help all of us feel more comfortable and confident through this transition. I know some of these items can be pricey but after doing the math on the costs of diapers, there really is NO comparison. Check them out, do the math, and see what works for you and your family.

Trainers and/or Overnights:

Bright Bots Training Pants, Nikky Training Pants, Under the Nile Training Pants, Imse Vimse Training Pants, Daiperaps, Bumkins Overnighter Pants


Under the Nile Briefs, Itsy Briefs and Undies, Petit Bateau Undies, Sublime Undies,Little Beetle Organic Wool Underpants, Sears TKS Briefs

Overnight Liners and accessories:

Little Beetle hemp or organic velour doublers, Babykins Joey-Bunz Small Doubler, Babykins Receiving Blanket/wetpad, Organic Merino Wool Blanket, Babylegs

Kid Sized Potty Seats and such:

Munchkin potty seat, Baby Bjorn safe step, Baby Bjorn Potty Chair, Potty Bowl



Being a big fan of recycling/reusing, I always turn our paper grocery bags into long reward sheets. They make for great potty time reward sheets. At first it was going into the bathroom, then sitting on the potty, then trying to go, then actually going. It's a great way for the child to feel successful, track his progress, learn basic goal setting, patience, of course the importance of earning a reward. If you like this idea, keep your number of stickers to earn to a minimum - maybe 5, so they feel like the goal is attainable. Get lots of different stickers so even that is a reward. (Speaking of stickers- Tip: Stock up at our bank. Ours gives out free stickers with transactions. Usually they are big and colorful. They make for great distractions with meltdowns on the road too!)


Reading on the toilet seems natural to most of us. This apparently is also the case with kids. As my son LOVES to read magazines on his potty. It's a funny site seeing the two of us in the bathroom each with our magazines of choice. They are a great alternative to books. Our current fave National Geographic Kids for Jake and InStyle for mommy.

Prize Jar

Lately our large glass sangria jar has turned into our prize jar! It is full of edible and non edible treats like: Suckers, honey sticks, fruit leathers, matchstick cars, boxes of crayons, little containers of play dough, little animal figurines and even some miscellaneous wrapped gifts like boxes of animal crackers. The diversity helps me steer him away from candy everyday and keeps the motivation exciting. Plus, he gets excited when he walks by and sees what he is working for in the jar.


Lots of liquids, dried fruits, fresh fruits, oatmeal. The last thing you want in this transition is CONSTIPATION!! Do whatever you can to prevent this from happening. One bad experience could prolong the process a lot longer than you can tolerate. The more opportunities to succeed the better!

Wow! That was a ton of info. Hope I didn't scare you! This process shouldn't be super painful for you or your toddler. If it becomes so, maybe you should consider waiting a little while until you are both more ready for it. There are tons of philosophies on how and when one should go about this process. The web is a great resource for that info. Just remember it WILL happen. Every flower blooms when its ready! The best advice I got and will pass on to you, is make sure no matter what that YOU as the parent are ready for this process. Consistency, positive reinforcement, and compassion will make your toddler feel secure with this new responsibility and only you can offer that to her. Of course, if all else fails you can always buy a goldfish!


  1. Hey hot momma....did/do you use a particular book that you would recommend for first-time potty training parents? I feel like I need somewhere to start but don't want to order a ton of books trying to find the right one. THANKS for all the tips!

  2. Hey hot momma. Did/do you have a book you recommend for first-time potty training parents??