Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beauty Buzz: Best Mascara

Getting ready is a draining procedure in my world. I either have to wait till naps or face the chaos of two boys in the bathroom with me. Regardless, time always seems to be an issue! Being a beauty product junkie, I have tried a ton of products and only a few stand tall and true amongst the rest. Mascara always seems tricky. There are so many varieties. It's pretty much up there with lipstick. Traditional formula, gel formula, waterproof, skinny wand, fat wand, lengthening, curling. My God you could get lost in mascara land!!

With that said, here are my favorites!

Best Drugstore Mascara:
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Black-Black
It's affordable. Doesn't seem to clump too bad and never irritated my eyes. It's a great everyday mascara. For night opt for something with more volume.

Best Date Night Mascara:
This stuff is booming with volume! It really does take your lashes up a notch! Add eyeliner and you're definitely getting some!

Best Lengthening Mascara:
I know it's named High Volume but this stuff is like a great supporting bra. It lifts, separates, lengthens!!! It's made from the new gel formula so it wraps around your lashes instead of coating them so there is NO raccoon eyes ever!! Crying, working out, contacts... NOPE!!! This water resistant formulation rocks!! Plus, no makeup remover or excessive pulling on your delicate eye tissue to remove the mascara. You just need some water and a gentle touch. The mascara slides off the lashes like taking off a glove! PLUS... with this comes a tiny wand that gets into every little lash which makes the eye look more open, awake, and larger! This was my all time favorite for the last few years. Everyone whom I have recommended it to has loved it as well!!!

Best Waterproofing Mascara:
Of course you could opt for purchasing a separate waterproof mascara. But this formulation is meant to go on top of your existing mascara making it ready for any environment: swimming, bathing, steam room, and my favorite suggestion-for weddings. This means you get all the benefits from your normal mascara lengthening, volumizing etc... with the bonus of environmental proofing! Plus, it doubles as a brow groomer. This is a must have for anyone but even greater for contact wearers.

Winner Best Overall Mommy Mascara:
As I said before the Trish McEvoy High Volume mascara was my favorite for the past few years. Until the one day I got to the mall and they were out. In desperation I decided to opt for this Trish mascara. They only have two versions it couldn't be that different. OH was I wrong! They are so different. The Lash Curling mascara comes with a traditional brush so you get way more volume. PLUS...This one DOES curl your lashes! It's crazy to me! I am still in awe! This means in addition to all the perks of the High Volume mascara this one allows me to skip a step with my lash curler. Skipping a step is huge when you have kids! Huge! Especially, since I can never find my curler because my son thinks it belongs in his toolkit! I am happy to say it isn't needed with this mascara! Thank you Trish for giving moms like me this little gift of beauty and time! This is the WINNER hands down for best mommy mascara! What are you waiting for? Go, get some, try it, and enjoy! Your eyes will thank you!

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  1. Hey there! Im eating this site up like dark chocolate! :)
    I wanted to say the "BadGirl black lash Mascara" is one of my favorite products, it works like a dream! It gives you thickness, with no clumps AND it lasts all day! who could ask for more! I mean come'on, lashes are one of the most important defining assests on a women! you dont see men batting there eyes do you?... well maybe some ;)